Wonder Woman 1984

Emmy says:
Loved the 80s outfits. Felt uncomfortable watching most of the characters. The opening sequence and the combat was wonderful, apart from the aerial combat at the end looked off. I don’t appreciate the resolution to all of the characters. In all I’m conflicted. 7/10.

Jeff says:
I don’t understand this movie. Don’t get me wrong – the plot was predictable, the resolution obvious, the visual effects were stunning. What I struggle with is all the whys. Why was it set in the 80s? Why does Wonder Woman turn into Spiderman, Thor and Superman in quick succession? Why does the obvious “we all have to do better” final act leave me bored, and why does it take so long? Why are there so many sequences where I’m left wondering if I missed something (a transition)? Why was there no direct payoff to the opening flashback? I have looked forward to this film since the end of the last one, before this film was even an idea. I’m sad that this is what it ended up being: so many missed opportunities. 6/10.