Army Intelligence

(also known as Renaissance Man)

Emmy says:
A seriously delightful film. Carried by the dialogue and the actors spectacularly, the simple setting of the army allows the story to come forward. Great dissection of Hamlet, which gives access to Shakespeare for both the students in the film and the audience. 9/10.

Jeff says:
I love, and have always loved, this film. The gimmick of “Shakespeare for dummies” is brilliant, but it’s the background of the characters and the development of their relationships that is truly amazing. I have to wonder what the original idea for the film was – a fish out of water tail, or a character study about why some people join the army and the system failures that lead to some seeing it as their only option? Or is it merely a tale about the power of the right teacher with the right tools to reach you? This film is all of those things, and more. Victory starts here. 10/10.