The Princess Bride

Emmy says:
The charm of this movie is pure and delivered impeccably by the actors. The dialogue is witty and it’s understandable how it has become so highly quoted. The choreography of the fighting is a delight as is the filming. A masterpiece. 10/10.

Jeff says:
Thanks to randomly watching a couple of Jill Beanup videos, Emmy was finally in the mood to rewatch this classic 80’s film. I don’t know what to add to her review. This movie is one of the most quotable films ever, and is beloved by many people I know. The fighting and dialogue is exceptional (even if the fighting dialogue doesn’t describe what they’re actually doing – but that’s a niche joke for those that know fencing). For a ‘comedy action’ film, there are serious feels that are earned. The cast is perfect. Our intern will be shown this movie again when he’s old enough to understand it. 10/10.