The New Mutants

Emmy says:
I found this movie quite enjoyable as I do love a horror movie and don’t feel let down by the lack of action. The characters had some nuance and the effects were great. I don’t think that the payoff at the end was earned which did bring down my mood. 7/10.

Jeff says:
Despite the well-publicised delays, alleged re-writes and studio ‘notes’, I actually rather enjoyed this. Now, it is NOT an action film, and it’s NOT a superhero film. It’s just a story about kids in a universe where mutants are known and part of the almost-everyday. This is closer to a psychological horror film like The Stepford Wives or Rosemary’s Baby. If you understand that, I think you’ll enjoy it more. Movies are challenged to treat the audience like they have brains but when they do, too often they find they’re criticised for not explaining enough. This happened here. Things aren’t explained to the characters unless it would normally be. They know more than we do, so they don’t get exposition dumps. I like that about this film. I would have loved to see the true-horror vision the director had for this story. 8/10.