Macbeth (1971)

Emmy says:
I still struggle with the language of Shakespeare and I feel that my enjoyment of this film suffered for it. I was unable to empathise with any character or grasp the impetus of their motivations. The costumes were amazing for the time this was made. 7/10.

Jeff says:
Polanksi’s classic (which was a failure at the time) is a violent nihilistic masterpiece that takes the Scottish Play and shows what the play often only mentions or hints at. Tweaked to fit the world view of a man who lost his wife and unborn child to violence, and who was also somewhat pessimistic about that state of the world, this film is more about the director than the Bard even if the words belong to the latter. The cast is excellent though and the staging, costumes, and attempts at authenticity are impressive for a film 50 years old. This is not the griping tale I remember the play being, however. 7/10.