The Space Between Us

Emmy says:
The set up for this story was weird. It simultaneously felt incomplete and hurried, and yet dragging and bloated. The characters were well developed and the earth story was great. Very enjoyable. 8/10.

Jeff says:
An enjoyable movie. I would describe it as The Martian crossed with The Fault In Our Stars with a happy ending. I realise that is probably more spoilery that I would usually post, but it’s relevant. This movie seems to know what it wants to borrow from, but not how to integrate it all together. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but much of the interesting bits were skipped over without even a ‘xx months later’. Presuming any readers here have seen the trailer, I wanted to know more about preparing for the journey to Earth. So few montages just so the movie could be full of the results … leaving them feeling unearned. A pretty movie, with an excellent cast doing a fantastic job with what they have. 7/10.