Black Widow

Emmy says:
Creating a movie for a character that you know will survive the film but has died in the franchise has got to be difficult to make good. This movie is not good. I was not drawn in by the conceit of the plot nor did I become invested in the characters. Wonderful action scenes as always, just without the emotional punch. 6/10.

Jeff says:
Had this film been released in story order among the other films in the MCU, this might have worked better (not the least because some of the characters could have been used in the later – now previous – films). While I don’t think the ‘prequel’ (more like an extended flashback) was that deleterious to the story, the execution was souless. Lots of pretty visuals, but nothing below the surface. Not a fitting send-off for one of the underserved original (cinematic) Avengers. 7/10.