Speed Racer

Emmy says:
I love the hyper-colour style of this movie, it’s such a visual feast. The look and feel is just like a comic book. With so much packed into the screen I feel like I missed half the movie and wonder just how much better this was in cinemas. Absolutely stunning, will have to watch again. 10/10.

Jeff says:
As I said out loud after the credits finished: an over-the-top CGI fest based on a kids cartoon isn’t entitled to give this many feels! This movie is spectacular in every sense of the word. I personally have the nostalgia for the original that means every time the cartoon theme is hinted at, I’m transported. I had already seen this movie once before, and that didn’t make it any less compelling – it meant I got emotional sooner! That opening is a brilliant example of how to weave action and back-story. Definitely under-rated when released, as it is now better understood. Movies With Mikey covered it very well here. Something I can come back to repeatedly. 10/10. Go Speed Racer, Go!