Emmy says: This is a rather faithful adaptation of a King novel, and I knew exactly what each scene was, however the film seems to have left a large amount on the cutting room floor. It feels like it has been reduced to a clip show and I have doubts that the story would be coherent to someone not familiar with the novel. The cast was great, and brought the characters to life, yet they were not given the opportunity to show more than the shallowest overview of their full characteristics. A well shot movie with only a few technical issues I noticed while watching. 7/10.

Jeff says: How do you adapt a slow, meandering, introspective novel that really doesn’t do much? Well, this wasn’t a bad attempt. So much is lost because of the need to keep it movie length, but then the crucial elements are all there … the only problem is they are missing the connective tissue that makes it hang together. Without that it’s like a highlight reel for a story we haven’t seen. Good cast, competently made, not bad effects for 2003. Just … meh, unfortunately. 6/10.