Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

Emmy says: The zombies were great, different from others I’ve seen before. The lighting for most of the movie was well done for something entirely set at night. There were a couple of scenes with zombie attacks that were severely let down by either the fight choreography or the editing and really didn’t work, as the character should not have gotten away unscathed from these two incidents. The rest of the zombie conflicts are realistically short and believably well done. When the climax of the movie arrived I felt that it hadn’t been earned, neither by the plot or the scene. This movie left me feeling wanting, it seemed to worry more about setting up a sequel than telling its own story. 6/10.

Jeff says: This definitely deserves points for more accurately evoking the first (two) Resident Evil game(s) better than the movies that have come so far. This is aiming for the suspense horror angle that made the games famous, and some of the scenes are just straight from the source material. Unfortunately, some game beats and stories fair poorly when you’re not controlling the character … and some of the less believable fight scenes suffer when you’re watching them instead of trying to survive them. While a good attempt at something more than an ‘in name only’ adaptation, and with some excellent visuals but some poor CGI, I would like to see more with this cast in this series. It was just a little disappointing overall, unfortunately. 7/10.