Emmy says: I am beyond caring about sequels, can we go back to movies being a unit into themselves and not a launching platform for the next one? This movie had some absolutely gorgeous monsters, loved watching them. The characters were interesting but as there was so many none of them got a chance to explore their depths of grow. I liked the costumes and casting. I did not like the ending, it passed the natural ending of the story and started the next movie. It makes me feel like a number on a consumer list, not an audience member being entertained. Great movie until it pushed passed where it should have ended and left a sour taste in my mouth. 7/10.

Jeff says: Hmm. I feel like there are two movies here – the first 2 hours 20 minutes, and then the last 15 minutes. The first movie was an interesting diversion from the rest of the MCU and the better for it. While we didn’t get enough time with an ensemble cast, we did get the sense of family and history. The action scenes were quite good and there were some excellent visual touches throughout. One shoehorned character wasn’t enough of a problem and the nods to the greater MCU was enough – couldn’t ignore it completely, but didn’t dwell either. Then there was the last 15 minutes. Setting up a sequel and two other MCU properties – this killed the vibe and left me angry at the end. I know the references presented, but I am aware that many others might not be and it would have just been confusing, not enticing. It’s the equivalent of the parademons scene in the original version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Pointless fan service that doesn’t advance the plot for those “in the know” at best, and a confusing turn off that takes you out of the movie if you’re not in the know. Dangerous, unnecessary, and just bad film-making. The MCU started with the push for the post-credit sting. I would like to see them take the lead in stopping. 8/10.