Wrath of Man

Emmy says: This one pulls no punches, it’s gritty. The close up framing is effective and the editing is well done. I really liked the combat sequences until the long drawn out section where it felt a bit too much all over the place after multiple short and deadly accurate scenes. I was hoping for a more cathartic ending. 8/10.

Jeff says: The action in this film is grounded, and well-shot, just what you expect from Guy Ritchie. This film involves a lot of toxic masculinity on display, just what you expect from Guy Rithie and a setup that involves criminals, money and guns. This film also loses the star for half it’s run time and the bulk of the climatic fourth act has him doing almost nothing, which is not what I expected from a Jason Statham film. The premise of this film was sound, but I don’t think it stuck the landing. 6/10.