Night of the Coconut

Emmy says: I have been eagerly waiting for this epic conclusion to the Charl Saga and I’m impressed! This is not a movie you would really get without the 18 month story sprinkled throughout Patrick H Willems’ YouTube videos, but I’m sure it’d be confusing and amusing nonsense. I must confess I was there for the cameos, absolutely loving the colliding universes. The acting has room for improvement and some of the shots were noticeably shaky when they should have been still, the story was crazy and had nods to the fourth wall which I particularly enjoyed. So glad this was made and can’t wait to see the continued directorial career of Willems. 8/10.

Jeff says: Watching “YouTubers” show they should be taken more seriously is a delightful experience, even when it does kind of prove why they’re YouTubers and not famous directors. This is a fabulous C or D movie – which is not an insult, since I suspect that’s what was being aimed for.

There’s a reason this is a “Season Finale” instead of “film” even on its IMDb poster. For the uninitiated, there’s a season-long backstory that leads into this feature (which is a feature on its own when put together). This 90 minute feature is a Nebula Exclusive and cameos a lot of the Nebula creative roster. The downside to this is that the film doesn’t quite stand on its own. There’s too much you need to know to ‘get’ it completely.

On its own merits, this film seems to revel in homage and satire but in the most loving way possible. There are nods to other films and winks at the audience that are hard to miss. The premise is totally D-grade Sci-Fi schlock, but the production value is better than you’d expect from a ‘YouTuber’ video. There are, however, moments that give away the budget limitations and yet that even plays into the charm for those who have been on this journey for 18 months. The music is excellent and a Jim Steinman opening credit track tells you they are serious about this. I want to see what Patrick can do with a stand-alone story and professional cast and crew. 8/10.