Emmy says: Wow. I mean WOW! This movie is just amazingly insane. Utterly compelling and visually stunning. I loved the characters. I loved the songs. That one dance is epic. Definately watching this one again. 10/10.

Jeff says: I’m with Patrick (H) Willems all the way on this film. This film is all sorts of crazy, but it’s crazy like a fox. This is an epic, and I wish I had been able to see it on the big screen. I’m not sure I feel right offering critique as I’m of white anglo stock. Having said that, my sympathies were already with the locals even before this story. the music was as grand as the story – I love the sung narration (that’s what it was, right?) and of course everything is just dialled up to 15 on this – forget 11. A must watch. 10/10.