See How They Run

Emmy says: This movie holds your hand and tells you the direction it’s going yet still takes you on an immensely enjoyable ride. Great cast, gorgeous costumes, stunning sets and witty dialogue are ushered along by creative narration. Love this movie. 10/10.

Jeff says: This movie does for Whodunnits what Scream did for horror movies – deconstruct the tropes while faithfully following them. There’s also a passing similarity to Hot Fuzz, but I don’t want to explain that one if you haven’t seen this movie. The cast is stellar, the set up is whimsical, the production looks first class … and most importantly, this movie is FUN. If you like whodunnits, go see this. The Mousetrap is starting a run in Australia, so see this then see The Mousetrap and then watch this again to get all the references. 10/10.