Emmy says: I loved the unapologetic nature of the protagonist, and her determination to prove everyone else wrong. Visually gorgeous, with artfully shot combat sequences. Given how the original trailer only hinted at what this movie was about, it is a shame that the movie showed too much too early. More ambiguity in the first two acts would have made for greater tension and a bigger payoff at the end. 8/10.

Jeff says: I was so hyped for this film. It mostly delivers with interesting flourishes and novel setups. Unfortunately, the early giveaway of the main antagonist spoiled what could have been a tense thriller. I was wondering if it was studio interference causing the problem, but I think it was actually planned – there’s a way to look at it as two sides paralleling each other and from that angle it worked for me better. The use of first nations language and untranslated other languages when appropriate lent realism in other ways that I appreciated too. Looks great, excellent story, an brilliant entry in the series. 9/10.