Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Emmy says: This is absurdity at its finest. I found myself laughing loudly a number of times throughout. Amazing cast, wonderful costumes and bonkers plot. 9/10.

Jeff says: I agree with other reviewers that you need to know something going into this film: this is NOT the real story of Weird Al. It’s a parody of the music biopic. It becomes fairly obvious not too far into the movie, but the early part of the film could be confronting or confusing if you didn’t know that. Even knowing that, I was a little uncomfortable with the portrayal of his family. Once Daniel Radcliffe started playing the main role, the story improved and rest is a highly amusing and entertaining ride. I also really liked the use of well-known faces playing unknown characters while unknown (or not well known) actors played well known cameo characters. The songs still rock, and it’s hard to not sing along with each one. 9/10.