Bãhubali: The Beginning

Emmy says: Well this movie has an insane amount of suspension of disbelief required to get on board, but oh it is fun! I really enjoyed the characters and the storytelling, laughed a lot at the immense physical capabilities of some characters, and found myself commenting on a couple of abrupt editing choices. Still a marvelous watch. 9/10.

Jeff says: Context is key, and I don’t know how to compare Tollywood (Telugu Indian cinema) to anything other than RRR. As this is Part 1 of the same director’s previous work, it makes for an interesting contrast. This is grand, and nuts, and wholly unbelievable in scale and scope, but it’s not meant to be realistic. This is the swords and sorcery / battle of the Greek gods style movie but for the sub-continent. A blast from start to end, although the extended backstory at the end (setting up Part 2) was an interesting narrative decision. 9/10.