Welcome to our thoughts …

After watching movies for many years, we’ve decided we’d like to talk about them. This also helps us track what we’ve watched, and what we think about what we’ve seen. Sometimes we might revisit films … so it would be useful to know what we thought last time and compare.

For now, we’re focusing on reactions to movies we’ve seen. We have back-filled to the start of 2018. The comments to date haven’t been all that detailed – we started with just ratings out of 10. We intend to expand on this now we have a platform for better content. Down the track we might add other analysis and commentary as it occurs to us. We’re in the middle of a Stephen King marathon – read the book (via Audible) then watch the movie; it’s going to take a while.

Be aware: we watch movies we think we’ll like. We don’t watch movies because we want to review them. While in the cinema we will see a trailer for something interesting and look at each other and go “yes!” We watch those. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if we keep liking the films we review.

We hope you enjoy … and that we encourage you to watch movies you might not otherwise consider.

Jeff and Emmy