Emmy says:
Very much enjoyed the monster upgrades and sense of humour from the characters. Not much in the way of story, but who needs that when you have a giant gorilla giving you the middle finger? 8/10.

Jeff says:
The movie seemed slow to get started, but that was because it started contained. If you’re sticking to one big set piece, then that’s the trade-off. The characters made sense in their motivations and it was refreshing to see real humour rather than constant over-seriousness in this sort of film. CGI was mostly done well, and the gorilla out-acted the Rock with more charisma and personality than I expected (real credit to the motion capture actor). For lovers of the source material you could see where they put it in the movie. Great end-credits song too!  Not a perfect movie, but perfectly enjoyable. 8/10.


1 thought on “Rampage

  1. I liked this movie, giant critters and the Rock/Dwsyne. I also liked that the female protagonist was in her 40s, not a starlet

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