Solo: A Star Wars Story

Emmy says:
I watch movies expecting to be taken on a ride, Solo lived up to its name by not letting me get on. There was a handful of laughs the script got out of me, but nothing to be invested in. How do you do high stakes with a character that cocky? They never think anything will happen to themselves and therefore never convey a sense of urgency or peril to the audience. The lighting during the first two scenes is hazy and smoky and I may have missed something there. 5/10.

Jeff says:
Lots of fan service in this one … whether that helped or harmed is debatable. The problem with prequels is knowing in advance how it all turns out. This dramatically reduces the tension and emotional investment in any particular moment. It doesn’t help when the people we’re following also act like there’s no real consequences to anything, because they’re all cocky space pirates. It would be like watching Oceans 11 if you’ve already seen Oceans 13. The set pieces were good, the things I wanted to see going in were all there, but the moments where they tried to directly tie it into the larger story just confused me (I had to work it out later). Fun, but not greater than the sum of it’s parts. 7/10.