Ocean’s 8

Emmy says:
As somebody who’s enjoyment of a film is directly related to my emotional involvement, I wasn’t as receptive to this style of story. It is possible the trailer made me expect more than was delivered, especially with my soft-spot for fashion given the event featured. A plot with too many mechanisms operating behind the curtain. 5/10.

Jeff says:
The Oceans films are fun hi-jinks – that’s really it. It’s about the characters and the riffing between them – the heist itself is almost secondary. This follows the same formula, just with a new cast. The cast are fun and likeable, the caper was realistic in terms of the current technological state of the world. It might, however, be telling when you can spot a continuity error easily. Entertaining popcorn film, but not much depth. 7/10.

(Guest Reaction) Bruce says:
Entertaining, finished strongly. 5/10.