Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Emmy says:
I brought my inner 4 year old out to watch this movie, particularly to see if it was child -friendly. The volcano erupted, dinosaurs ate people, threw people around, headbutted things and did lots of posturing roars. All things to love, for a child (if they are a dinosaur fan). I found myself laughing in moments that would have an adult on edge – look those people are trying to get away from a dinosaur! Any scariness that could be seen was just funny to me. I was sad at a few points: the lava flow caused a sad, as did a moment with a caged dinosaur in the last act. I did like the ending of this movie and am curious if there will be more to this franchise. ?????????/10.

Jeff says:
I confess to having an issue with these films – the Velociraptors are now pets like Yoshi in Super Mario Bros (the much maligned Bob Hoskins movie). Similar to turning the T-800 into the good guy, except there programming changes make it reasonable. Having that off my chest, the movie is a fun ride that’s actually more interesting than the trailer lets on, and has much more story than Jurassic World. The CG is, as always, amazing. The music is understated and not overly mawkish. For so much killing, there’s not a lot of blood. The Tylocephale in Act II steals the show for me. The best of these since the original Jurassic Park. 9/10.