Mission Impossible: Fallout

Emmy says:
The impeccable use of silence is back and as epic as ever. The plot was paced nicely and not over complicated. Wonderful scenery, a great way to frame the action. The comedy was well dispersed and relatable. 9/10.

Jeff says:
I’m not sure if this was more fun because we saw it on the big screen rather than at home. The action was stuff we had mostly seen before, but turned up to 11. There was still too much meta-narrative for my taste (I don’t think of this series as a comedy), although there were some nice call backs to previous outings. I’m trying to work out if the ending suggested an end to the series, or a justification for continuing with this series to the point of absurdity (even James Bond changed leads even if the character didn’t).  The ending was essentially predictable, but the ride getting there was a lot of fun. A return to form, but I still like MI-2 better (just). 8/10.