Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Emmy says:
A fun partying story with some wonderful insertions for adults. Definitely a number of laughing out loud moments. 7/10.

Jeff says:
Listening to reviews I believe, this movie was going to be awesome for adults and children alike. I’m not completely sure that was entirely accurate, but it was definitely fun. There were gags for the adults, gags for the kids, serious moments, fun moments, cameos, call backs and cross-overs. It was the big screen epitome of a Teen Titans Go! episode, and what more could you actually ask for? As an adult, it flagged a little towards the end of the second act, as it’s hard to make jokes work in the “rock bottom” phase of the hero’s journey (and Teen Titans Go! doesn’t work as a serious story). Good (and in some cases, surprising) voice acting and a good story for a good family film. 7/10.

(Guest Reaction) Jono says:
Thoroughly enjoyable. Although aimed at children, I enjoyed every moment. 7/10.

(Guest Reaction) Erin says:
Enjoyed most of it. Some parts were slow, but the funny moments made it worth it. 7/10.

(Guest Reaction) Children say:
A fun movie (they) would happily see again. 7/10.


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