Ladies in Black

Film #2 of the ‘we forgot to go to the cinema’ movie weekend. We were going to watch McQueen and found out we were too late … we didn’t want that to happen for the other movies on our list.

Emmy says:
A mesmerising journey through Australia’s enchanting 1950’s. 10/10.

Jeff says:
This film took Bruce Beresford 30 years to make. It was worth it. This is a delightful film centred around the lives of women working for a department store in Sydney in the 1950’s. While that might not sound interesting, the lives of these women – their families, their dreams and aspirations, starting to deal with a changing demographic and what that means – was both emotional and uplifting in parts and sometimes at the same time. While there were obviously negatives for some in Sydney in the 50’s that this film doesn’t explore, this film was honest in the lives of the people represented. A truly wonderful film. 10/10.