The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Film #1 of the ‘we forgot to go to the cinema’ movie weekend. We were going to watch McQueen¬†and found out we were too late … we didn’t want that to happen for the other movies on our list.

Emmy says:
The costumes and sets are glorious and are perfect for the splendiferous lines delivered throughout. I was magnificently entertained. 9/10.

Jeff says:
A gorgeous and stylish film, this movie starts strongly but starts to flag as the magic in the story replaces the magic of storytelling. The acting is fantastic, but the material is more like a long Goosebumps episode. Apparently the books this is based on predate Harry Potter, Miss Peregrine and all the other special magic child kids books, but on screen it seems derivative which is unfortunate. In the end, I loved everything that didn’t involve the villain (who was a detraction from the otherwise delightfully whimsical story). 8/10.