The Predator

100 Movies before we move: #6

Emmy says:
Don’t look at the plot. Or the intestines. 6/10.

Jeff says:
Directed and co-written by Shane Black (who was an actor in the first Predator film), this joke-heavy entry in the franchise has a lot of problems. I would usually not want to talk about plot holes (one person’s plot hole is another person’s “obvious explanation”, but there were more than a few un-explainable events (mostly involving Olivia Munn’s character). There were, however, good jokes and the action was well shot if mostly generic. There was some good characterisation and even some unexpectedly touching relationships. However, overall the movie did not live up to the standard of the previous films that the score and callbacks desperately wanted to remind us of. I also agree with Movie BobStop trying to make us like the Predator. 7/10.