They Live

100 Movies before we move: #7

Emmy says:
This film ran at a leisurely pace through a world full of subliminal messages. I enjoyed the measured plot and music whilst being amused at how far sound effects have come since the 80’s. 8/10.

Jeff says:
Thanks to the Kickstarter for In Search of Darkness we finally got around to watching this 80’s classic from John Carpenter. While only a little over 90 minutes, this film is a slow burn that still packs a lot in it. It’s an excellent example of the mastery of Carpenter. While the effects are dated, the story works and the details are all too prescient. The deliberate anti-commercialisation message is just as poignant today as 30 years ago. Well worth watching, and deserving of its cult status. Oh, and that fight scene was terrific. 9/10.


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