100 Movies before we move: #37

Emmy says:
The first scenes felt disjointed and distant and the interspersed political machinations had me confused and feeling adrift from the story. Very effective at conveying the haze these women were working through. This is filled with stunning directing and acting. Powerful performances from the leading ladies. 9/10.

Jeff says:
The trailer, effective at making us want to see this movie, does nothing to give the story away. What looks like an action crime caper turns into something altogether different. I didn’t realise it was based on a Lynda La Plante story, but it makes sense know that I now.  The women are almost all very real and believable although the men are a little under-developed and basically caricatures. The drama and inter-personal tension is effective, and I was invested in them succeeding. There were some issues with blur that was either the ‘print’ or was a result of filming digitally, and I usually don’t notice those things, but overall an excellent film. 9/10.


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