Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Emmy says:
A creative angle on serial killers with a documentary in progress. Loved the creepy awkwardness that pops up now and then. Very enjoyable for a low budget film. 8/10.

Jeff says:
This film was recommended by a fellow Patreon of Ryan Hollinger¬†as a ‘Cabin in the Woods’-esque deconstruction of horror tropes. Given the disparity in budget, it’s for good reason this film doesn’t really stand up against the other. For what it was though, and the sub-70k budget it had, it was artfully done. Relying on the ‘college student film’ conceit to cover for the low-budget work, this movie both played into and subverted expectations. Nothing really new, but it was creative. The only problem I really had was the much better filmed “not documentary” parts. That they existed at all spoiled the effect for me. If you’re going to do ‘through the lens’ you really need to do it for the whole story. 8/10.