Spider-Man: Far From Home

Emmy says:
Light-hearted fun with teen love issues and giant elementals. Good story, great effects, amazing locations. A lot of fun 9/10.

Jeff says:
The characters in this branch of the MCU continue to be delightful, and I want to see more. The story was engaging and fun, with suitable jokes and references. Jake Gyllenhaal is an excellent edition, and is perfect as Mysterio. So why do I feel let down? This was a LOT of fun, but it didn’t feel like Spider-man. It felt more like Avengers: Epilogue. This is not a bad thing, but it is a bit unfair on Spidey.  I understand why Marvel is saying this is the end of Phase 3 (instead of Endgame), and they’re not wrong. There’s a lot of threads that are wrapped up here, but like how Captain America: Civil War was an Avengers movie by another name, so is this – and that made me sad. I would much prefer the friendly neighbourhood Spider-man, not the globe-trotting Avenger Spider-man (especially when he’s a teenager). Your mileage may vary, however. Just remember: there is a mid-credit and a post-credit scene: don’t leave early. 9/10.