The Big Lebowski

Emmy says:
A very enjoyable directionless story. Love seeing well known actors back in the day. The script is an excellent piece of work and is delivered expertly. Life is messy, take it easy. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This movie has been sitting on my DVD shelf for years. I always meant to get around it, but the Coen Brothers can be a chore if you’re not in the right mood. Fortunately, we were in the right mood this evening and this was an excellent way to pass time. A meandering mess of a narrative, that I feel doesn’t owe as much to Raymond Chandler as the Coens would like to believe, the story is engaging if ultimately meaningless. I believe I get most of what the Coens had in mind, but Walter still bothered me too much to rate this one higher. Still, a classic that I’m glad I’ve finally watched. 8/10.