Fantasy Island

Emmy says:
Some great effects and setup. Problem is that the third act twist was completely jarring for me and didn’t gel with what had been presented beforehand, which completely broke the movies spell over me and I was jaded with the ending. To me this is not a case of insufficient information to understand the curve ball, but a case of conflict with previous character portrayal. Really enjoyed the movie until that point. 6/10.

Jeff says:
This has been panned by most reviews I’ve seen or read. I get that. It’s not great. On the other hand, it’s a darker version of the series it’s based on – which never wanted to explore the darkness of “getting your fantasy”. The remake touched on it, but didn’t last long enough. This movie had good effects, some interesting characters, a good premise, but spoils it. Some have said the ending makes no sense, and while I can create an explanation from what we were given that explains everything … I shouldn’t have to. This deserves better … but from the writers first. 6/10.