The Invisible Man

Emmy says:
Elizabeth Moss has delivered an absolutely incredible performance with this movie. It took her less than 2 minutes to have me anxious about her situation with almost no sound. The voyeuristic positioning for the cameras certainly increased the feeling of paranoia. Music was wonderfully done with many patches of silence and loud obnoxious pieces that kept me on edge. I do love this interpretation of Wells’ Invisible Man. 10/10.

Jeff says:
From the first scene, I was tense and on edge. This movie holds you and doesn’t let go. This is one movie where you should know what it’s about before seeing it for two reasons: firstly, if this is going to give you uncomfortable connections to your own or someone you know’s past you might find this too unpleasant (it’s that effective!); and secondly, there are so many shots tracking away to an empty part of the room … you have to wonder if there’s something you’re supposed to be seeing there, which ramps up the tension for the audience. Cleverly crafted, compellingly conveyed, cathartic climax. 10/10.