Star Trek: First Contact

Having voyaged deep into ST:DS9 and ST:VOY we come back to the Next Generation crew to find out what’s been happening …

Emmy says:
I like Star Trek so I feel very let down with this film. With Deep Space Nine and Voyager mid-season at the time of release there was no way the mission failed. The stakes were just not there; the beats were formulaic and predictable; and the characters were flat and running on a one-track emotional arc. Pretty scene on the underside of the Enterprise. 4/10.

Jeff says:
Not one of the better outings, but still pretty to watch. “Blow up the Enterprise” really needs to stop being a solution to everything. I think the creators of Star Trek blundered with the Borg … it’s really hard to find a way to make them lose without looking like a cheat. This film had some interested ideas of exploring how the trek through space got started (First Contact), but to get there required a horrid MacGuffin (Borg and the ever-disappointing time travel) which overtook the more interesting storyline. 6/10.