Star Trek: Insurrection

We’re getting there … in the last season of ST:DS9 and keeping up with Voyager. When we get to the next (and last) of the Prime-timeline movies, the seasons will have run out …

Emmy says:
The scale of the dilemma might have only been planet-wide, but the depth of the characters and narrative was astronomical. It was very good to have a Star Trek movie with a small local problem that focused on character development. The spectacle was still there, with the Briar Patch and the cute alien pet. Definitely a favourite. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This is probably my favourite ST:TNG movie. I prefer story over special effects, and this one is told well. There’s still enough Treknobable and space battles for those that need them – including some surprising features of the Enterprise-E. Watching this in line with the TV shows was fascinating to see story points from the shows worked in. Marvel, that’s how you integrate TV and movies! Eminently re-watchable. 9/10.