The Hunt for Red October

Emmy says:
An absolutely gripping character driven story filled with brilliant actors. Loved the use of the compact sets and the camera motion to show the underwater movement. The seamless transitions between Russian and English are expertly crafted to show the shift of understanding. The only disappointing part was the extremely obvious green screen scene at the end. 9/10.

Jeff says:
Once again, thanks to Patrick (H) Willems for putting this on our sonar … although it took a while to finally get around to watching it. I have all the original Jack Ryan novels, and watched all the movies that were made from them. I love the stories, and this movie (despite Sean Connery not even trying to sound anything other than himself) is excellent. The cast is full of “hey! it’s that guy!” actors doing outstanding work as usual. The direction and cinematography were impressive for how long ago this was made. Very rewatchable. 9/10.