Spider-Man: No Way Home

Emmy says: I can’t decide whether I liked this movie or not. It was a lot of fan service just to clean up the mess left at the end of the previous movie, and only achieved a reset. The actors, costumes, sets, and especially the effects were great. I feel like I have to wait for future installments to decide if the plot actually worked, which is not a good indication. 7/10.

Jeff says: This could have been a great film. The idea is great (we saw how well it can work in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) but this version just … doesn’t work. I think it’s a little over-stuffed with trying to bring the other movies “into the fold”. The opening act, following on from the last movie, was a mess of their own making since Peter didn’t need to be outed for ‘drama’ in the first place. It was great to see the old “villains”, but the rest of the fan service left me a little cold – and that surprised me. 7/10.