Emmy says: A fast paced action is what I expected from Matthew Reilly and this movie certainly had delivered. Great female lead character, that still had to deal with harassment, absolutely kicking ass. Loved the story, just wish it was longer, though I must give it credit for dealing with the crisis in real time. A joy to watch. 9/10.

Jeff says: Reading Matthew Reilly’s books, you get the sense you’re reading a movie. He uses italics for his explosions, his descriptions have a visual quality (explictly saying what an observer would see). All in all, it makes you wonder what a movie would actually look like. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this film does that idea justice. There are clearly budget constraints and the tale does not quite have the epic quality that the novels do. Of course, it’s hard to do that in a 100 minute film anyway, so this ends up feeling more like a scene in one of his books, rather than the whole book. Still, his scenes are usually impressive and this one certainly works and he is just as creative in his action as always. There are some definitely interesting story decisions, and it’s an enjoyable ride. 8/10.