Alita: Battle Angel

Emmy says:
Beautifully designed world with outstanding character design. Empowering story with stunning action. Highly recommend 9/10.

Jeff says:
Visually stunning, an excellent adaptation of a cyber-punk manga. Awesome to see the female lead actually LEADING and asserting her own agency. The fight sequences had weight and felt as real as possible given the unreality of the context. Like in Upgrade, I felt the fighting reflected the reality of the type of people involved. Parts of the film dragged over-long and made the barely 2 hour movie seem longer (which is not a complement). An ambitious project that exceeded my expectations. 9/10.

(Guest Reaction) Erin says:
Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Love the graphics. 9/10.

(Guest Reaction) Jono says:
Loved the graphics, but the ending really made it fall flat for me. The build up was there and had me expecting a conclusion, but left me asking why it didn’t go that way. 7/10.

(Guest Reaction) Ms 14yo:
Very Intense! 10/10.

(Guest Reaction) Ms 12yo:
I was emotionally invested the whole time. 10/10.

(Guest Reaction) Ms 10yo:
Loved the dance fighting. 9/10.

(Guest Reaction) Mr 5yo:
Awesome fighting. 10/10.