Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Emmy says: Absolutely stunning visuals, really enjoyed this one. Great music and scenery, awesome story that didn’t feel long. Wonderful performances from the actors. 9/10.

Jeff says: I have to first say – it was nice to be back in a cinema. A pandemic and a small child has made that difficult for the last couple of years. This was also a great film to see on the big screen – I wouldn’t suggest any movie “must” be see that way but it certainly was worth it (Tenet – co-incidentally the last movie we saw at the cinema – did not need to be, regardless of what Nolan said). The story does sort of need you have at least passing familiarity with a lot of Marvel properties to be fully appreciated, but we do and the payoff was definitely there. Some incredible decisions by Sam Raimi that just elevate this beyond the standard Marvel film. Great story-telling and narrative beats, great use of music in aide of the story-telling. A lot to love here. 9/10.